Current Projects

The SAL lab projects are focused on assessing various aspects of the relationships between agricultural production and the environment. We are currently working in agricultural landscapes in and around Vancouver, BC and in various locations in the developing world to assess management options to manage agricultural land to maximize biodiversity and the availability of ecosystem services.

In South West British Columbia our projects are specifically focused on landscape-level analysis of management options for non-production habitat, nutrient management and tradeoffs and synergies with local agricultural production.  These projects include:

The SAL Lab has worked in collaboration with the Agriculture and Food Security Center at the Earth Institute, Columbia University, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), and Salvadoran Program of Research on Development and Environment  (PRISMA) on a USAID funded research-for-development project in El Salvador.  We were also involved in assessments of the environmental impacts and environmental management opportunities in the Millennium Villages Project.  These assessments include an analysis of changes in tree cover, biodiversity, and soil carbon after five years of agricultural intensification and other project interventions in Sauri, Kenya.  We were also involved in an analysis of the greenhouse gas mitigation opportunities in Mbola, Tanzania.  We have been involved in a UNEP project analyzing the soils and vegetation of a watershed in Southwest Haiti in Port-à-Piment.  You can learn more about these past projects here:

Las Vueltas Landscape Baseline Assessment

Las Vueltas Landscape Baseline Assessment (El Salvador)

Agassiz Research Station

Agassiz Research Station (Agassiz, BC)