Nitrogen Field-loss and Field-scale Nitrogen Budget Determined on a Semi-virtual Dairy Farmlet

Project Lead: Carson Li

Project Type: Graduate Thesis

Supervisor: Dr. Sean Smukler

Project Partner and Funder: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) 


Overarching objective:

  • Quantifying N field-loss and field-scale N balance of forage production system under different nutrient and cropping management scenarios.

Specific research questions to be addressed by this project are:

1. Will integrated innovative nutrient management practice reduce N2O emission and NO3 leaching from forage production system of a dairy farm.

2. Will integrated innovative cropping management practice increase N recovery by crops from forage production system of a dairy farm.

3. Will integrated innovative nutrient and cropping management practices improve N use efficiency and reduce N surplus in forage production system?