J. Spencer Evans

Graduate Student –PhD in Soil Science                                           

Email: tsubby00@mail.ubc.ca

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  • D. – Soil Sciences, University of British Columbia
  • Joint MSc – Biological Systems Engineering/Agroecology, University of Wisconsin (2017)
  • BSEEE – Environmental & Ecological Engineering, Purdue University (2015)
  • BSc. – Sustainable Agriculture, Purdue University (2015) 

Research Interests

  • Agroecology
  • Agricultural adaptation to climate change
  • Large-scale indoor farming
  • Farming impacts on nutritional content
  • Local Food

I am a Ph.D. student currently working on a part of the Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Project (AGGP).  My research involves finding effective approaches to measuring climate change impacts on food production (and vice versa) as well as finding innovative adaptation methods that reduce these cyclical impacts.

Current Research

Study 1:  Measurement of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from high-value crops using manual and auto-chamber equipment under various BMP management regimes

The goal of this study is to 1) compare GHG data collection approaches and 2) measure GHG soil emissions under various management regimes across three high-value crops in the B.C. area: highbush blueberries, potatoes and forage.

For more detail: AGGP LFV

Study 2: Simulation of landscape-scale GHG emissions and sequestration using DNDC model

Upon completion of Study 1, the data will be used to calibrate and validate the DNDC model, a biogeochemical model used to estimate carbon and nitrogen fluxes under future climate scenarios.  This model will be instrumental in predicting future changes to B.C.’s agricultural sector and offering adaptive and mitigative management techniques to keep B.C. agriculture robust under future climate changes.

For more detail: AGGP LFV

Previous Research

The Effectiveness of reduced tillage in mitigating impacts of climate change on corn production in the U.S. North Central Plains



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Evans, J.S., Ng, T.H. & Morales, A. (2016). Planning advisory memo on revenue potential of urban agriculture. [Memorandum]. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Maupin, C., Evans, J.S., Croft, M. & Hallett, S. (2016). Early blight resistance in heirloom tomatoes through improved grafting varieties. Manuscript in preparation