DeLisa Lewis


Research Associate and Lecturer



PhD – Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia (2012)

BA – Linguistics, University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN. (1990)

Research Interests

My work is focused on research, teaching, and farming practices designed to contribute to regenerating regional farming and food systems. With the understanding that, among other key factors, soils and people are greatly influenced by the places where they are formed over time, I approach this with an aim to build knowledge and skills in response to complex challenges of soil, water, and climate dynamics. Since 2014, soil nutrients, climate mitigation and adaptation focused research projects led by Sean Smukler with his Sustainable Agriculture Landscapes Lab team, have provided the unique opportunity to bridge my work as a practicing farmer with applied on-farm research across the province. I manage a dedicated, long-term research block on our Island region farm, mentor new field research scientists, build farmer-to-farmer and farmer-to-scientist networks, and strive to innovate with emerging modes of collaborative on-farm research design and knowledge transfer.

Outside of work I enjoy exploring the landscapes, rivers, and coastlines that shape this place we call home with family and friends.